Note that certain medications and herbs may decrease the efficacy of the medicine or to slow down its absorption. That is why:  inform your doctor on all medicines you take constantly or occasionally  take the drugs separately in order to avoid reactions of interactions as well as to avoid decrease of antibiotic efficacy  certain combinations are impossible as can lead to anaphylaxis or organ or poly-organic failure If you must take other drugs regularly, please, be sure to keep an interval between intakes for at least two hours.
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What Are Antibiotics? These are common drugs prescribed by doctors to fight different bacterial infections. Antibiotics are potent meds that fight bacteria, thus, saving people’s lives by either destroying bacteria or stopping them from reproducing. Before bacteria multiply and cause harsh symptoms, the immune system kills them. However, if their number is excessive, the immunity can’t fight all of them, and this is when the use of antibiotics is recommended. Different Antibiotic Classes Most antibiotics fall into specific categories based on their similar pharmacological and chemical properties. Besides, their chemical structures are comparable, and they kill related or the same bacteria. What are the different types of antibiotics? Tetracyclines; Quinolones; Sulfonamides; Aminoglycosides; Penicillins; Macrolides; Cephalosporins; Glycopeptides; Lincomycins Carbapenems.